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About UCAN

UCAN Fastening Products has specialized in the production and distribution of concrete anchors and other fastening products for over 50 years. UCAN strives to provide the most practical and cost effective solutions to meet the anticipated needs of designers and contractors. UCAN takes pride in its reputation for consistent high quality, its knowledgeable sales staff and its 97% fill rate.

Timely Delivery

UCAN keeps its Toronto warehouse well stocked with over 1,100 stock types and sizes of anchors and accessories. As a result, over 97% of all regular orders are usually filled from inventory and shipped within 3-6 hours of being placed.

Technical Services

Our technical staff and knowledgeable inside and outside sales people are readily available to provide technical assistance, product support, and field tests when required.

Innovative Products

Through a constant program of R & D, UCAN develops and improves products to meet the genuine needs of designers and contractors.

Emphasis On Quality

UCAN products are made to the highest quality standards. Each production batch is strictly quality-controlled to assure consistent performance.

Special Sizes And Custom Coatings

UCAN is especially well equipped to supply many types of application specific anchors. Custom sizes and protective coatings are available to meet design requirements.



UCAN FASTENING PRODUCTS provides steel and alloy anchors made to our specifications and available throughout Canada. Although companies cannot be LEED certified, UCAN makes every effort to minimize the environmental impact of our operation.


UCAN fasteners can contribute to credits under LEED for new construction.
Our various manufacturing facilities rely on domestic steel sources using the maximum available recycled material. Similarly, plastic parts are produced from post-consumer material, when possible. In addition, cardboard boxes and cartons are made from recycled paper. However, in each instance, it is impossible to determine the exact % content of such material.

LEED assumes that any steel product has a post-consumer recycled content of 25%.

FLOROK adhesive anchors contain low to no VOCs.

Available job offers at UCAN Fastening Products

Structural Engineer -Technical Sales Representative


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UCAN Fastening Products is a division of British Fastening Systems Limited.