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Twister™ - Nylon Drywall Anchor

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Special drywall anchor which installs in drywall or plaster using a hand or cordless screwdriver. It requires no pre-drilling and cuts cleanly through all layers of drywall with no tearing and minimal disturbance to its integrity.

  • No Pre-drilling Required
  • Suitable For Double Thickness Drywall
  • No Tearing Of Drywall During Installation
  • Install With A Screwdriver — Hand Or Cordless
  • Anchor Expands When Screw Passes Through To Increase Pull-Out Resistance
Typical Applications: 
  • Wall Fixtures & Shelf Supports
  • Bathroom Fixtures
  • Picture Hanger 

Also available in UCAN Super Pak

Ucan Nylon Twister

Part No.DescriptionPkg. Qty.Case Qty.Case Wt.
JET NYLTwister Nylon Anchor1001,0004
JET NYLBTwister Nylon Anchor - Bulk-2,5008