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Lag Shields

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Screw type expansion anchor cast from rust proof zamac alloy.  The lag shield is ideally suited for base materials of questionable integrity.  The lag shield consists of die cast sleeves with formed internal threads and designed for use with lag bolts. Lag shields offer significant expansion, and well suited for fastening applications in old masonry structures.

Typical Applications:
  • Ornamental iron rails
  • Light duty shelving
  • Residential sill and deck plates
  • Precast step mounts
  • Park benches

Short Lag Shields

Part No.SizeDrill SizePkg. Qty.Case Qty.
LAS 141/4 x 11/250500
LAS 5165/16 x 1-1/41/250500
LAS 383/8 x 1-3/45/850500
LAS 121/2 x 23/425250

Long Lag Shields

Part No.SizeDrill SizePkg. Qty.Case Qty.
LAL 141/4 x 1-1/21/250500
LAL 5165/16 x 1-3/41/250500
LAL 383/8 x 2-1/25/850300
LAL 121/2 x 33/425150
Also available in bulk cartons