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Precast Inserts

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The UCAN Cast-in Place Zamac Insert is designed for preplanned fastening in concrete. The insert provides rustproof threaded metal holes in precast, pre-stressed or poured-inplace concrete. It is die cast of a zinc alloy (ZAMAC 5), which provides excellent resistance to atmospheric conditions and will not mar or stain finished installations.  Install with bolts through holes in stell forms or by means of reusable concrete insert plugs on wood forms.

  • Fastening is simplified when inserts are cast-in prestressed units, slabs and poured in concrete structures
  • Preplanned location of inserts eliminates costly concrete drilling and masonry anchor installation
  • Made of rustproof zamac alloy to prevent surface staining
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Air Ducts
  • Railings
  • Traffic Lights
  • Park Benches
  • Theater Chairs
  • Utility Poles
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Line Machinery
  • Electrical

UCAN Cast-in Place Zamac Insert

Part No.Length (in)Thread SizePkg. Qty.Case Qty.
PZI 1011/1610-241004000
PZI 151-1/21/4-20100800
PZI 2413/8-161001000
PZI 251-3/83/8-16100700
PZI 351-1/21/2-1350300
PZI 362-7/81/2-1325150
PZI 451-11/165/8-1125200
PZI 462-7/85/8-1125100
PZI 551-11/163/4-1025150
PZI 562-7/83/4-1025120

Oversized-tapped for galvanized bolts (ASTM A563)

Part No.Length (in)Thread SizePkg. Qty.Case Qty.
PZI 35OT1-1/21/2-1350300
PZI 45OT1-11/165/8-1125200
PZI 46OT2-7/85/8-1125100
PZI 55OT1-11/163/4-1025150